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Condition: Through life :-)
Loriana Pauli
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
When studying Botany almost 50 years ago (now 71) I became interested in the healing power of plants. Later I read Dr. Vogel's book Nature Doctor (in German Der Kleine Doktor), which convinced me.
Since 1975 I have used for my family with 2 children a small apothecary with 12 remedies (Aconitum D12, Apis D6, Arnica D6, Belladonna D6, Berberis D6, Carbo Veg. D6, Chamomilla D12, Lachesis D12, Magnesium phosphoricum D12, Equisetum D6, Sulfur D6, Veratrum D12), plus Echinacea and Molkosan (latter as desinfectant). That's it! In all these years I had only twice the need of antibiotics: once when getting Lime desease (Tick bite) and once with a tooth infection. No FLU injections, no other remedies.
Keywords: AconitumArnicaChamomillaVeratrumEquisetumPhosphoricum