Mary Ellis MARH

236 Chaldon Way
m: 07711 418 430

Registered: Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
Graduated: 2006
Trained: CPH & SECH

I came to homeopathy when my children were small. My eldest son had been diagnosed with Asthma at 3 because of a persistent night cough. Not happy with this diagnosis, I sought the help of a homeopath, who gave him two remedies and it stopped. This started me on my journey of discovery that has never stopped. Two years later I began my training. I qualified in 2006 and started my practice, I work from my home clinic and and at Southern College clinic at Salomons in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

In 2009 I started The Southern College of Homeopathy (SCOH Ltd) in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and in Reykjavik Iceland in 2017 I started the colleges because I am passionate about homeopathy and wanted to be instrumental in helping others to practice homeopathy in a professional and practical way. I am committed to bringing the very best and inspiring tutors to the college who have a broad range of skills and knowledge.

I am qualified in Homeopathy, Homeopathic Biopuncture and Mesotherapy and am an Asyra practitioner, I also run low cost student clinics for the college in Tunbridge Wells and Surrey. Appointments are only £30 for the student clinics.

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