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Homeopathy Course Providers Forum – Quality Assurance Validation Scheme

The Quality Assurance Validation Scheme run by the Homeopathy Course Providers Forum follows the accreditation handbook written by the Accreditation Steering Group of the Council of Organisations Registering Homeopaths, which dissolved in 2007. The handbook is the result of six years of work, undertaken by representatives of the homeopathy professional bodies, the homeopathy course providers, patient representatives and independent educationalists. The purpose of this document is to create a process through which the quality of homeopathy education can be evaluated against agreed criteria. Each criterion contributes to the overall assessment of whether a course will produce graduates of sufficient competence to practise as an independent professional homeopath, meeting or exceeding the requirements of the National Occupational Standards.

Course providers who wish to be validated under this scheme apply to the HCPF Quality Assurance panel, and must demonstrate their course meets the standards as stated in the criteria. This is reviewed by the panel, who are members of the HCPF. Once validated, the course provider is required to submit a review annually, and a peer-review biennially, to ensure maintenance of standards and ongoing development. All participants in the QA system are encouraged to follow a developmental and self-reflective approach to working. The process should enable all course providers to develop their own understanding of, and skills in, supportive course evaluation resulting in positive and creative professional growth.

Courses currently validated under this scheme:
The School of Health
Southern College of Homeoapthy
The Homeopathy College
The College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy
College of Practical Homeopathy (UK) Ltd